Entry gate to the Co-laboratory compound

Sample of compression tests on earthen samples.

Project Mission
The Co-Laboratory is a place where traditional building materials and innovation come together with international standards. As an open source innovation laboratory, the project aims to support Haitians to safely rebuild by helping to create simple guidelines for the safe production of durable building materials.

Studying What Is – Exploring What Can Be
Buildings require materials to construct them. The quality of materials used in large part determines the quality of construction. With our small scale materials lab we have the ability to do test and field monitoring of our projects and follow up with testing from more advanced labs as needed. Used extensively in our programs around traditional architecture and rubble re-use, the Co-Laboratory allows us to run base-level compression tests, shrinkage, plasticity, and other tests that are core to the engineering of good structures. All data and processes are open sourced. All testing procedures are guided or run by our technical partners including: the Haitian National Laboratory for Building and Public Works, the Ecological Building Network Haiti Collaboration, Cordaid (equipment funded),  Architecture  for Humanity, and the Natural Builders.

Our research on Traditional Architecture: www.kleiwerksinternational.org/haiti/traditionalarchitecture

Our research on Rubble Re-use: www.kleiwerksinternational.org/haiti/rubblereuse

Cordaid and their programs in Haiti: www.cordaid.nl

Architecture for Humanity and their programs in Haiti: www.architectureforhumanity.org

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