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Haiti Co-Laboratory
Haiti Housing Exposition

Rubble Rising
Straw House
Sustainable Building Guidelines Project
Sustainable Orphanages
Tabarre Community Development


Kleiwerks International in Haiti

Kleiwerks has been on the ground in Haiti since February 2010.  Our primary goal is to improve long-term security on behalf of the Haitian people by offering training and technical support to individuals, organizations and communities that are interested in sustainable technologies.  We are currently partnering with Haitian leaders, NGO’s, and the international community to build capacity around shelter, water and food systems that are replicable, sustainable, and affordable.

1) Empowerment and stabilization for Haitian communities;
2) Re-direct relief efforts toward replicable, sustainable, whole-systems approaches;
3) Replicate best practices based on long-term sustainability

Current Initiatives
Co-Laboratory for Sustainable Reconstruction
Bamboo Coalition

Collaborating With
U.N. Development Program, Bamboo World Organization, Help for Orphans, AMURT, Architecture for Humanity, Beat the Rain, Partnership for Local Development, Peasant Movement of Papi, Haiti CUSM- Committee for Union and Support of Municipalities.

Kleiwerks background
Since 1998, Kleiwerks has graduated people from over 33 countries, generated natural building and Permaculture movements in SE Asia and South America, and been a strong leader in the earthen building and Permaculture revival in the US.  Kleiwerks has led over 200 trainings and has built over 40 on-the-ground projects.

More information
Contact info@kleiwerks.org

Ongoing support
Sustainable Haiti will need your help for a long time to come.  Please continue to support the Haitian people.  Make a donation today.

From co-lab remix:
Since the January earthquake rocked the island nation of Haiti, thousands of groups have responded to give immediate aide. We arrived just three months ago with a different mission– a mission focused on the longterm sustainable redevelopment of a new resilient Haiti.
Help Haitians rebuild safe homes in a way that lasts, that is better for the planet and that they can afford to maintain. Together we can allocate as much as $11 billion in aid towards sustainable reconstruction that uses building technologies which are affordable and readily available to the Haitian people. The result: a truly resilient Haiti.
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