Traditional Small house, Cabaret, Haiti

This project will contribute to the creation of a sound, sustainable, and contextually appropriate housing reconstruction strategy for Haiti. The project consists of three stages:1) Assess the cost, safety, and durability of Haitian buildings made with affordable local materials in rural, peri-urban, and urban areas. Determine who builds and maintains homes, and their requisite techniques and skills.2) Identify stakeholders’ desired improvements in materials and techniques, including increased safety and durability. Conduct engineering research and provide technical guidance to attain desired improvements.3) Conduct trainings for, and collaborate with Haitian professional builders and partner organizations to disseminate findings. Include NGO stakeholders through the coordination of the Technical Working Group on the Use of Local Materials in Reconstruction (TWIG) under the Early Recovery sub-cluster Logement-Quatiers.

If project findings were adopted by building professionals and homeowners, there will be substantial benefits for local economies. The construction of appropriate and desirable permanent housing could be more affordable, faster, and result in safer, more durable homes.

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