Since 1998, Kleiwerks International has been:
● Teaching 15,926 people from more than 45 countries
● Sponsoring 191 educational programs in eight countries
● Building directly 53+ projects with and for local communities
● Collaborating with more than 60 talented design-build specialists
● Catalyzing four regional movements in Southeast Asia, South America, Turkey and the United States
● Training pioneers who have gone on to found educational centers, businesses and training programs in their countries, reaching hundreds of thousands of people to date

What now?
Kleiwerks International is scaling up. We are launching an innovative training model and movement builder called the Women of the Americas Sustainability Initiative (WASI). Check it out and come join us on a WASI Builder project (people who are not women are welcome) or lend support to the women who are leading the building projects with their communities.

How KI started:
Kleiwerks was born with one woman answering her heart’s calling: to build sustainably and affordably in a way that supports communities and the healing of our planet. In 1998, Janell Kapoor attended a 1-week natural building workshop with Ianto Evans and Janine Bjornson. This determined her life’s work. She dove into natural building projects and shared what she knew with others, starting in her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.

A couple of years later…
Kleiwerks became Kleiwerks International when Janell was invited to lead an earthen building training in Thailand. It was 2001 and a wide network of organizational leaders and activists attended. The training garnered more interest than anyone could have imagined. With vast media attention, the word spread and demand grew quickly. Janell collaborated with Thai alumni, other instructors, villagers and organizations to facilitate trainings for several more years, helping to spark the national earthen building movement. Driven by KI’s alum, the network rapidly spread to hundreds of thousands of natural building enthusiasts.

KI has grown:
We are now a global network of innovative design specialists dedicated to reviving and refining the art and joy of natural building and living. Working by invitation only, KI collaborates with communities to create ecological and social resilience through natural building and whole systems solutions. Our programs strengthen local leadership and regional networks of sustainability activists. We work with groups, dedicated design-build specialists and participants in our mission to improve environments, economies, and dignified, soulful ways of living.

Our alumni and their communities…
…have gone on to create a vast array of safe, affordable, and sustainable homes, schools, orphanages, villages, community centers, and other enriching public works. A great many have started their own initiatives to spread natural building and integrated ecological design. It is virtually untrackable, but to date, those we have worked with who have gone on to share with others, have reached well over a million people, with thousands of homes built by everyday people.

Video about KI’s history and mission: