Many Kleiwerks program participants are looking for methods of paying for programs beyond payment plan options, loans or credit cards. We have worked with many participants who have raised funds on their own to provide for their course fees and in some cases living expenses while engaged in our programming. Please feel free to use the resources below to assist you in your financing. Please contact us if you would like further support in beginning your fundraising process.

Crowdsourced Funding
Platforms such as and allow individuals to raise funds for their personal efforts. Below is an excellent example of a participant who raised funds. Note her personal, impassioned statement about the work, the need for education surrounding the work, and the personal photo. Such campaigns can be shared via social media and/or email to invite support from family, friends, and even unknown supporters who care about what you are doing. The Sample Sponsorship Letters (below) also share ideas that you may want to incorporate into your appeal.

View one participant’s Indiegogo campaign, Building Community Out of Dirt.

Personal Sponsorship
Connect with an individual person, organization or business who would directly benefit from your education and ask them to sponsor your participation in the program in exchange for an agreed upon commitment for you to develop a project for the sponsor. For example an Asheville area employee of Mellow Mushroom approached the owner in support of her attendance in the 2013 Urban Farm School. The staff person and owner have worked with Kleiwerks and Ashevillage to craft a fundraising program that will be instituted in the restaurant. Another example could be a sponsorship through a faith-based organization in which skills learned will later be shared with members of the congregation and greater community. Your offer could be as simple as teaching afternoon workshops based on what you’ve learned at Kleiwerks to starting a children’s program to creating a cob garden toolshed. If you would like a template as a starting point you can view sample sponsorship letters here.

Support of Family and Friends
Many past program participants have simply created a letter asking for support in their efforts. Family and friends love to support loved ones in work about which they are passionate. Several Sample letters are available here for use in crafting your own personal appeal to family and friends.

Another Great Resource
Visit Unschool Adventures for more great fundraising ideas to support your educational adventure.