Photo Credit: Phairin Phongsura

Phairin was a participant in some of Kleiwerks International’s first trainings in Thailand between 2001-2003, including the first modern earthen building training and the construction of the first earthen village in Thailand with the Assembly of the Poor. Following the trainings, Phairin went on to start a business in cooperation with some of the village builders who also participated in the trainings. Together they have built multiple projects including an internationally award-winning spa. Phairin is a single mother living near Bangkok. We are proud that she has created a model business for natural building in her country.

September 24, 2006 — “Sawatdeeka Janell, It’s so nice to hear from you.  On the job, when clients ask me: “Where did you get the knowledge to build mud houses?” I say: “Janell from the USA is my teacher.” Now we have many projects for modern earthen houses. KID THUNG KA”   ~Phairin Phongsura.

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