With 24 million Cubic Meters of rubble, spread over the Haiti’s capital city and beyond, the rocovery process is lagging. The complicated terrain of the cities, with minimal access possible to many settlements and a lack of appropriate machinery, dealing with these materials is proving to be a complicated task. With the collaboration of UN-Habitat, the International Federation of the Red Cross, the Haitian Government, and private sector partners Kleiwerks International is helping to fill gaps in materials testing, develop strategies around processing and the creation of pilot projects and guidelines. Using our recently established Co-Laboratory (Link to Collaboratory page on KI Site) in PAP we are testing materials and producing technical reports to help guide this important work.

Core to this effort is the recently Committed partnership Of the Ecological Building Network who has assembled a US based team of material experts, engineers, architects, builders and donors to help with technical support of all levels of this great undertaking. The EBNETS precedent setting work developing building materials guidelines such as ASTM…..and several technical manuals on the use of Fly ash in concrete, Earthen construction as well as straw bale ect EBNETS The EBNET Haiti Collaborative is the right team at the right time.

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