Ti Kay Pay (Small Straw House)
A Strawbale Rebuilding Solution for Haiti

Strawbale Construction
Strawbale construction uses straw, compressed and tied into bales, as stackable blocks for wall systems. The stacked bales are covered with plaster – made from sand and a clay, lime, or cement binder, and often reinforced with fibers, mesh, or internal or external “pins” that create a composite wall system.

Builders Without Borders (BWB) will lead the construction of a pilot strawbale building in Port-au-Prince, Haiti during the fall of 2010. The design team is comprised of Haitian and U.S. based building professionals. The pilot building will involve local professionals in all phases to allow for their contributions and joint learning from the design and construction experience.  The structure will be equipped with sensors so that moisture and temperature variation can be monitored. With BWB’s lead, Kleiwerks International will provide technical support, documentation, and reporting before, during, and after the project. GrassRoots United is bringing it’s strong logistical and equipment support as well as hosting the teams who will work on the project.

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