Kleiwerks International’s prime work over the years has been with community groups, performing trainings and capacity building programs. In Port Au Prince’s Tabarre neighborhood we work closely with European Disaster Volunteers (EDV) and the communities they serve. EDV’s participatory community interaction and program development compliments our technical expertise.

Through collaborative efforts, we help Tabbarre’s communities create their own built environments by training local leaders in sustainable building and food production. We are simultaneously building the capacity of EDV’s core team so that they are in a position to implement sustainable building and food production on their own.

We have taught several small trainings to date with EDV’s core community partners. Most recently we hosted an Introduction to Bamboo Construction, which took place at the GrassRoots United headquarters, a hub for innovative development in Port Au Prince. Our partnership will bring further training to the local women’s group, the local technical school, and several of their youth groups.

Links: To find out more about:
European Disaster Volunteers and the communities they serve www.EDVolunteers.org
GrassRoots United and their base in Port Au Prince www.grassrootsunited.org

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