The global building crisis

Today’s standard building practices are neither accessible nor affordable for the majority of the world’s population. They are not sustainable for the living systems of the planet. Current construction methods account for more than:

40% of the debris dumped in landfills
40% of the entire world’s energy usage
40% of goods entering the global market
18% of all the world’s fresh water usage
10% of global carbon dioxide emissions
30 years of debt for average home-owners

A viable solution

Fortunately, natural building offers solutions to the above problems. Natural building refers to a number of durable and time-tested construction methods using local materials — clays, sand, straw, stone, bamboo, and other abundant and recycled materials. Because natural building is easy to learn, it empowers people to reclaim their dignity and basic human right to healthy, affordable, ecologically-sound, and beautiful shelter. Coupled with ecological design and appropriate technologies, natural building provides accessible, long-term solutions to today’s building crisis–solutions that last for generations.