Kleiwerks International works by invitation from local communities to promote social transformation, community empowerment, and ecological regeneration by leading hands on initiatives in natural building and whole systems solutions that result in community-based sustainability centers and extensive regional activist networks.

Natural Building refers to a number of durable, time-tested and easy to learn construction methods using local clays, sand, straw, stone, bamboo and other abundant and recycle materials. Natural Building is a powerful tool for social change because it sits at the nexus of a number of pressing issues facing today’s world, from affordable housing, sustainable land stewardship and appropriate use of natural resources, to localization and beautification of our built environment, cultural survival and community revival. Coupled with Permaculture design and renewable energy, Natural Building provides accessible long-term solutions that will last for generations.

Since 1998, we have worked in eight countries with people from over 45. We have requests to collaborate from another 60 countries. We work by invitation only from local communities.

By supporting Kleiwerks International, you are furthering natural building and sustainability initiatives as vehicles for:

  • Training trainers
  • Generating networks
  • Empowering individuals
  • Transforming communities
  • Modeling sustainable solutions
  • Creating on-the-ground centers
  • Providing hands-on opportunities
  • Supporting ecological regeneration

We work with the understanding that we live in an intelligent universe and that nature is perfect, the source of our deep sustenance as humans. We honor the right of all living beings to a healthy future.